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Single Girder Bridge Crane

Single Girder Bridge Crane


Single girder crane – general view and technical scheme

Single girder cranes have compact construction and allow maximum utilization of room height.

Capacity: 1000 – 16000kg
Span: 5 – 25m
Wire rope hoist with monorail trolley:

  • with low headroom
  • with normal headroom


End Carriages
Technical features:

  • Capacity - up to 20 000kg
  • Group FEM 2m
  • Span - up to 25m
  • Wheel diameter 160-315 mm
  • End carriage profile: Rectangular tube or welded structure
  • Cranes girder connection: High-tensile bolt connection
  • Ambient temperature –20°C to +40°C (other ambient temperatures on request)

When ordering a End Carriages, indicate:

  • Capacity, kg
  • Span, m
  • Crane type: single or double girder