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End Carriages

End Carriages


Podemcrane manufactures motorized end carriages for single or double girder cranes. The design is done according to the span of the crane.

The steel structure is made from structural hollow sections or welded box type construction.

Technical features:

  • Capacity - up to 20 000kg
  • Group FEM 2m
  • Span - up to 25m
  • Wheel diameter 160-315 mm
  • End carriage profile: Rectangular tube or welded structure
  • Cranes girder connection: High-tensile bolt connection
  • Ambient temperature –20°C to +40°C (other ambient temperatures on request)

When ordering a End Carriages, indicate:

  • Capacity, kg
  • Span, m
  • Crane type: single or double girder