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CLW Series

CLW Series Capacity: from 1000 kg to 5000 kg Chain hoists from the CLW series are designed for heavy operation modes. They are characterized by high reliability and safety. The body is made of aluminum and steel, without any plastic details. Hoists from CLW series are equipped with upper and down end limit switches to prevent hook dislocations and to avert clutch usage as a limit switch, which ensures longer operation life of the clutch and the reduction gear. Hoists are also equipped with slipping clutch adjusted to 120% of the capacity to prevent accidental overload. Due to the high quality of the used electrical contactors and the 400VAC brake, Podemcrane guarantees more than 240 cycles per hour for the hoists from the CLW series. [b]Electric motor[/b]

    • Three phase electric motor
    • 1 or 2 lifting speeds
    • Isolation class F
    • Duty mode to FEM - 2m
    • Protection class IP55. IP 65 optional

CL-W 3000/4000/5000 hoists have standard a electric motor with an additional fan for better cooling and heavier duty cycle. [b]Reduction gear[/b] Lifting speed can be increased or decreased by changing the number of elements in the gear box. They are made of high tensile steel, tempered and heat treated, in order to ensure maximum operation life. With appropriate choice of grease the hoist can work with temperatures from -20°С to +60°С. [b]Hoist brake[/b] 400 V AC electromagnetic type Advantages:

    • High braking power
    • Extremely strong structure
    • No transformer

Aluminum body ensures good cooling and the coils are isolated with epoxy resin. Braking plates are entirely made of asbestos free materials.