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CLN Series

CLN Series


Capacity: from 125k g to 2000 kg

Main advantages of the chain hoists from CLN series:

  • Exceptionally compact dimensions for full utilization of room height
  • Excellent quality
  • High reliability

All electrical parts are continuously checked and tested.

Electric control panel

  • High quality components, mounted on steel plates
  • Plastic panel, IP65
  • Panels are completely interchangeable for the entire range of hoists

Chain guide
Main body of the hoist and chain guide is produced by a single casing, which allows precise positioning of the chain for the load of the gear.

Lifting motor

  • Cylindrical motor with 1 or 2 lifting speeds
  • Duty mode to FEM - 2m
  • Braking system - 230V spring electromagnetic brake which allows quick and safe stop and holds the load to the required position
  • Isolation class F

Reduction gear

  • Enclosed
  • Greased for the entire operation life of the hoist
  • Reduction gears from high-tensile steel are tempered and heat treated for smooth operation and maximum exploitation period
  • Working temperature: from -20°С to +60°С

Overload clutch
The slipping clutch is a safety device which limits strokes in upper and down end positions of the chain hoist by limiting a possible overload. It is consisted of asbestos free braking plates and is adjustable.